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Read more about Golf Ball Cannon here. The game starts with the red ball on it’s spot and the cue ball of the starting player placed in the D at the front of the table. Players agree how many points will constitute a game and the objective is merely to be the first to score than number. A typical number for expert players might be 1000 points – professionals regularly score more than this in a single break. Beginners might consider 150 as a more appropriate target. A doubles game is occasionally played but the game is usually singles.

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A round of golf can be pretty challenging depending on your skill and the course’s difficulty, aka slope rating. How Ridiculous went for the maximum slope rating by building a painfully difficult golf hole that requires a hike to the top of a rocky mesa in Utah in order to tee off. They tried their luck with exercise balls, basketballs, and golf balls.

This video discusses the fundamentals of the golf swing from a high-level perspective by f …

A while back, How Ridiculous built a helicopter with baseball bat rotor blades. After putting that machine through its paces, they fitted it with metal fly swatters.

Learn how to hit the delicate little three yard draw and why you’re struggling with gettin …

Similar proportional results with both a wedge and 6 iron as indicated in the graphs below. I’d guess that on average, dynamic loft and face to path were identical. I was hitting outdoors and able to observe almost the full ball flight but not the roll.

Over the next decade, more rules and testing procedures were added. Live tests were performed with “Iron Byron” to verify maximum distances for actual ball flight under standardized conditions. By 2008, the rule was changed from measuring COR to measuring Characteristic Time (CT).

If you normally drive the ball 250 yards at sea level, you will likely drive it 265 yards in Reno. Low pressure systems decrease density, increasing carry distance, while high pressure systems do the opposite.