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Consider How The Wildflowers Grow Throw Blanket

Consider How The Wildflowers Grow Throw Blanket

The general rule is to avoid bleach-containing products because they can negatively affect your weighted blanket. Ignoring care instructions can ruin your weighted blanket, so it’s best to read up on the care label first. Elizabeth founded Baloo Living after experiencing the profound feeling of a weighted blanket. Elizabeth is committed to helping people live more balanced, grounded lives through products that provide gentle support. It is essential to take into account the bulk of your blanket. Read more about plaid polaire here. While a small one can be washed at home, larger types, such as a queen weighted blanket, may require the aid of a laundromat’s professional machine. This may also be needed if the blanket has heavy or visible staining.

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One type is the one where two needles are long and separated from each other. This type of needles is suitable for knitting smaller items like scarves, hats, sweaters or pet rugs.

Step 5: Continue Knitting Until Your Square Measures 20cm / 7.5cm Tall

If you’d like, place three fingers through the loop and tighten the working yarn gently around your fingers. You can do this with each loop so that they’re a consistent size. In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through step-by-step how to crochet a classic granny square blanket. I’ll also share tips on how to join your squares together neatly, and how to add a border to finish off your blanket.

Finishing Your Blanket

However it’s also heat-resistant, so you can iron it at a high temperature if needed. Turn the crocheted chain to the side where you can easily see small loops in the middle part of the chain – they will become the other stitches. Leave the side stitch/last chain loop on its own for now and start pulling the long thread to the left side through each one of the chain loops forming a row of separate stitches.

Watch the quick Video to see how Angela wears her Basotho blanket

Also ensure that you’re weaving the ends through their same colour in the blanket so that you don’t see them as easily. Then, pull the first loop over the second loop, holding onto the second loop. Make sure that these loops are on the larger side so you don’t have a gathered / tight finish to your blanket. I use all my four fingers to measure inside each loop to make sure they’re big enough. To keep your loops a consistent size, use your fingers to help. For the first chain row and the last cast-off row, use your four fingers and tighten each loop around them.



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