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“Global Dental Equipment: How Variance Analysis Can Help a Startup Busi” by Michael T Lee and Celia J. Renner

“Global Dental Equipment: How Variance Analysis Can Help a Startup Busi” by Michael T Lee and Celia J. Renner

In such cases, products are sold from the manufacturer to a large third-party distribution center, which then sells the appropriate products to smaller dealers across the country. In yet other cases, multi-step distribution involves even more intermediate steps between the manufacturer and the dental practice. As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into buying dental equipment and supplies for your practice. You need to consider your needs, keep track of your inventory, and negotiate prices. An inventory spreadsheet has limitations, too, but it is an excellent tool for beginners looking to organize their dental practices.

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Buying excess products when you don’t use the ones you have is inefficient and expensive. For example, if your practice no longer offers cosmetic dentistry, you won’t need the tools required to create custom veneers.

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Look into contract terms and find one that allows you and your practice to adjust your orders based on your changing needs. You could also lose thousands of dollars on these products if they’re fraudulent. This means that authorized dealers must pay a set cost or a percentage of sales to the manufacturer. Providing exceptional care and creating relationships with clients is a great way to build your reputation and retain customers. That’s not to say that finding new customers and revenue streams is not important, however, the easiest (and most inexpensive) source of new revenue is right there in front of you. Look at it this way – you are 60-70% more likely to sell a new product to an existing customer than you are a new customer.

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For example, you may not require an item to be sterile, so purchasing a sterile item is only going to add unnecessary costs. If you’re unsure if a distributor is authorized by the manufacturer, you may be able to find the information online. Yes, every dollar saved in supplies directly impacts your bottom line. In fact, we’ve estimated that for every dollar you save, you would have to increase revenue by $2.94 to have the same impact on your bottom line. But that’s far from the only reason to concern yourself with supply chain management and understanding how the dental supply chain works.

This is often the case with occlusal guards, fluoride treatments, and missing tooth clauses. If you choose to participate, plan to negotiate your fee schedule well.



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