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Hair Extensions 101: How to clip in hair extensions

Hair Extensions 101: How to clip in hair extensions

Avoid using overly hot water as this can damage the hair follicle. Keep reading for our comprehensive guide to hair extension care.

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If you’re new to wearing extensions or only plan to use them for a brief period, synthetic hair extensions are a suitable option. As with any quality human hair extensions, you should care and maintain the hair as you would your natural hair. Use gentle sulfate free shampoos and moisturizing conditioners to maintain the quality of the clip-in extensions. In the case of micro-links, each extension is attached to your hair via a small silicone bead. The golden rule to prolonging the lifespan of your extensions is washing them only when needed. Together with an organic, sulfate free shampoo, conditioner and hair mask, your human hair extensions will always look top notch!

Other Important Things to Know About Hair Extensions

YOU no longer have to spend years growing your hair to get Rapunzel-worthy locks – as the market is full of all types of hair extensions. Read more about hair extensions malta here. Now that your hair (and hair extensions) are styled and ready to go, it’s time to sleep and let those waves form!. Sleep on a silk or satin pillow to keep your hair frizz-free throughout the night. In our experience, the longer you wear extensions, it’s more likely that you’ll eventually neglect to care for your natural hair. Now that your hair is adequately prepped, it’s time to install your extensions.

Step Up Your Toolkit: Express Tape and Express Bond Remover

Place the non-weft-facing side of one of the extensions on the handle of the comb. This way, it is ready to go and you can move quickly from section to section. If you’ve got clients who want to try extensions that don’t break the bank, tape-in extensions are the way to go.

How To Curl Hair Extensions

3.The nano ring is up to 90% smaller and therefore less detectable than other Tip systems, which means that the hair extensions look and feel completely natural. If you are having trouble making your hair extensions blend naturally by the front of your face, try placing them at an angle. This will give you a softer look, while giving you more body and length. This blending technique will ensure the ends of the extensions are still full and natural-looking. It is best to cut the extensions in stages instead of one cut,  I may have to go back and refine them a few times. I often suggest that my clients leave the extensions a bit longer and return if they would like more hair cut because once they are cut there is no going back.



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