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How Long Does Audio Post-Production Take And Why Does it Often Take Too Long? Medium

How Long Does Audio Post-Production Take And Why Does it Often Take Too Long? Medium

Harvey was born in Boston, Massachusetts where his parents attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music. His father, Harvey Mason, Sr., is a noted jazz drummer and founding member of the group Fourplay. Mason jr. grew up in Los Angeles where he tagged along to his father’s recording sessions with the likes of Quincy Jones, Carole King, The Brothers Johnson, and Herbie Hancock.

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Studio monitors and headphones are designed to be as transparent as possible – and the more expensive the equipment, the more transparent intends to be. It’s therefore worth investing in the best equipment you can – but don’t worry if that isn’t a great deal, to begin with as there are various ways to mitigate problems caused by lower quality equipment. Great headphones tend to be a lot cheaper than great monitors, so early on in your mixing career, it is worth prioritizing a really good pair. It’s important to listen on monitors too however as there are problems that can surface in mixes that were crafted purely on headphones; such as the stereo image being too narrow. If you’re already making music, then the good news is that you probably already have most of what you need for mixing.

Listen to the mix and take notes

If mobility is a concern, and you want the option to be able to produce on-the-go (while traveling, at coffee shops, etc) a laptop is obviously the better option. For example, producer and engineer Jacquire King (James Bay, Kings of Leon, Norah Jones) said he used to paint houses between making records. You can work in everything from recording, live sound, AV, sound for games… The list goes on. We put together a brief training that covers a totally new approach to music production.

Add expression with mix automation

And there is not a make-it-or-break-it point in a music production career. Most music producers start their careers on the side of their 9 to 5 jobs.

Develop musical skills and knowledge

Taking the time to do this will usually yield favorable results you didn’t realize were possible. Read more about Best Vocal Presets here. Center your seating position at your desk and place the right and left speak an equal distance from your head at ear level. In some instances, personalized coaching which will help refine your identity as a producer. What’s really great about these masterclasses is the educators tend to only use the products included in the All Access pass – plugins, samples and so on. This makes it really easy to apply the lessons being divulged into your own projects. Don’t get me wrong – there are certainly optimal recording techniques when you consider mic placements, room structure and gain inputs.



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