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How to Charge for Landscape Design to Win More Business and Make More Money

How to Charge for Landscape Design to Win More Business and Make More Money

The second part is usage – how you want to use your garden. So you may need a big area for playing sports or maybe you need a big area for having parties for dining outside, maybe a big area for actually gardening, potting and things like that. If you haven’t checkout out my free online organic gardening course you can do that right on the homepage of Smilinggardener.com. Additional structures on your property such as sheds, pools, or patios should also be included.

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So, in a vegetable garden I don’t necessarily go to this step but in my orchard, my forest garden, I did because those are perennial plants they’re going to stay there I want to make sure I give them enough space. So you can see I’ve drawn them the full circumference of how big they’re going to get. I have a dining area over here, herbs over here, and so you just starting to dream with kind of bubble diagrams and then you’re not having to get freaked out about measuring and using rulers. Here’s the full sun down here so I put a lot of food plants and flowers down there. And then you also need to think about paths through the garden because a lot of times, you know the paths don’t work you can’t get wheelbarrows in and out and things like that. So it’s really the layout of the garden based on what your goals are and the goals are of everyone in the house. For more information about creating the ultimate landscape design plan, contact us.

Landscaping Design Price per Site Plan

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Landscape design plays a crucial role in terms of architectural layout and design. And helps incorporate the collective decision and construct a plan for the same. You draw them at close to the size they’ll become, not the size they are now.

A landscape designer can adjust plans based on how the environment will react. Shrubs and trees can block wind, create privacy, and offer shade. Native plants can be used for lush and longer growing seasons. The site layout is useful for seeing how the size, shape, and location of different landscape elements and for showing how they will be placed in relation to each other. For this reason, the overhead view, as opposed to 3-D or other types of perspective views, is a very effective tool to use for actually building the new landscape.

Copy the Design Onto Tracing Paper

We’ll stay with you for the long haul, taking care of your property through all four seasons. In the end, you control the factors that can stall the landscape design/build process. So don’t be afraid to be honest and trust your landscape designer. When contemplating your brief for your landscape, think about the style of garden you’re drawn to. Jump on Pinterest or Houzz to gather inspiration and understand the aesthetics you’d like to see in your outdoor space.

You can pay, on average, between $300 and $1,500 for a landscape plan with drawings, a project budget estimation, and details regarding landscape materials. You can use a patio or a deck to define a leisure area where you can add furniture or even an outdoor kitchen.

Because your hardscape will take up a lot of space, get started by deciding what materials you want in your design. Some hardscape materials include brick, pavers, natural stone, and concrete. Keep the features of your landscape intentional and remember to balance form and function.



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