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How To Choose a Kitchen Faucet

How To Choose a Kitchen Faucet

Follow this step-by-step guide where we show you how to install a kitchen faucet. Once the hoses are disconnected, clean the area where you’ve removed the faucet. Oftentimes, there will be some gunk built up or debris from corrosion.

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Selecting a great faucet can help your kitchen run more smoothly and save you time when cooking and cleaning. But how do you select the perfect faucet — that is, a faucet that looks good, works great, and ties the whole kitchen together? Read on to learn more about how to choose the perfect faucet for your lifestyle and your kitchen. While the process has several steps, none are overly complex for an amateur DIYer. The most physically demanding aspects are scraping off old putty and maneuvering the faucet into place. Work methodically, re-read and follow instructions, and take safety precautions to minimize frustration.

Kitchen Faucet Options

This is because the pull-down kitchen faucet has a tall arched spout. However, it only affects devices that have been affected by low water pressure. Therefore, please ensure that the water flowing into the fixture maintains a good pressure to avoid this problem. From touch sensors to automatic flow control, modern faucets make life easier.

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Once in place, secure the Grip Lock™ weight to your spray head hose. A leak can often be fixed by replacing the O-ring or cartridge in the faucet, so it’s likely less expensive to repair the faucet than it is to replace it. However, if the faucet continues to develop leaks, then it’s better to replace the fixture than to continue spending money for replacement parts. You will need to know the size of the installation area, to be sure it will accommodate the width of the sink as well as the depth and height. This measurement is also useful in determining the size of the faucet and any range of movement it may require.

For double handles to separate hot water from the cold, check for mounted hardware through those two valve connections. All hardware will need to be removed from the faucet before attempting removal. Next, turn off both hot and cold water supply valves located beneath your sink or near your main water line if there are no valves under the sink. Read more about kitchen faucet hose here. Turning off these valves ensures that no water flows through them while you’re working on installing a new faucet.



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