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How To Choose a Mattress in 8 Easy Steps

How To Choose a Mattress in 8 Easy Steps

Beautyrest’s ICE technology is a mix of Micro Diamond Memory Foam and “phase change materials” or PCMs. PCMs are used to manage temperature in everything from home insulation to high-end ski jackets. Read more about California king mattress here. Now they’ve been infused in mattresses to combat the common complaint of people”sleeping hot.

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This uniform positioning also lessens the impact on pressure points, preventing aches, pains, and numbness. Now that you have a better idea of what kind of firmness levels there are, you can begin to look at which types of mattresses offer you options in that range.

Wondering if what you ‘know’ about your mattress is myth or fact? Read on for some real mattress myth busting with our sleep experts. Lay down on the bed with your spouse and have them switch positions while you rest on the opposite side. As an alternative to an enzyme-based cleaner, you can make your own DIY solution by mixing dish soap with water and applying just the resulting foam to the stain. You can also make a DIY solution of equal parts cold water and hydrogen peroxide. We’ve talked about the signs that you should get rid of your mattress, but there are also some steps you can take to ensure your mattress lasts as long as possible in the first place.

Can you return a mattress if you don’t like it?

In order to keep your bedding in good condition, be sure to maintain your mattress topper, and consider buying a mattress protector. Structurally, 100 percent natural latex proves to be more resilient than traditional mattress materials, while still offering the comfort options you deserve. It can offer you up to 25 years of the best quality, and healthiest, comfortable sleep. One hundred percent natural latex is known to be very resilient and durable compared to other mattress materials.

Tips How to Break in a New Mattress

If things aren’t feeling right after the first month, it may be time to consider a return. Just give yourself enough time to fully decide whether your new bed is exactly as Goldilocks would have intended. Cut the vacuum-sealed plastic from around the perimeter of the mattress. Make sure you cut carefully—you don’t want to accidentally cut into the bed itself. When the seal is broken, the bed will start inflating immediately, so you want to be quick about getting the plastic off. I’ve found luck in shimmying the plastic layers off by sliding them out from underneath the mattress one at a time.

If you sleep better elsewhere, like hotels or family member’s homes, then this could be a strong indication that your sleep on your current mattress is lacking. Do you find that your sleep in a hotel bed or other bed outside of your own home is significantly better?. Read more about motion isolation mattress here. This could indicate that your mattress at home just isn’t getting the job done. If you sleep better away from your bed, this is a sure sign that you may want to change your mattress. In some cases, mattress warranties have terms that are not in the best interest of consumers.

If you prefer the feel of synthetic foam — such as memory foam — look for a foam hybrid with temperature regulation features. These are warmer than an innerspring or latex mattress but still offer better temperature regulation than a standard all-foam bed. We found the Dreamcloud to produce less pressure on both the shoulders and the hips than the average hybrid mattress, and a little above average in every other category. For those with chronic pain issues, we may recommend something softer with even better pressure relief. For instance, the flippable, all-latex Zenhaven, our favorite latex mattress, should appeal to sleepers of all positions.

How Does a Mattress in a Box Work?

Combination sleepers will appreciate this mattress’s responsiveness, which makes it easy to change positions throughout the night. The most important factors for back sleepers are support and pressure relief. If your mattress is too soft, your body will sink in and cause back pain, but if it’s too firm, you won’t get enough pressure relief. Read more about Layla mattress here. The term adjustable can refer to either the mattress itself or the base it rests on.

Temperature regulation in mattresses is more often than not designed to keep hot sleepers cool. Many people complain of “sleeping hot,” which is caused by the mattress’s heat retention (this usually happens in memory foam mattresses). There are numerous mattresses available with innovative materials that allow for optimal ventilation and cooling. Generally, a medium-firm mattress offers the best balance of comfort and support for most sleepers. Those with back pain may prefer a firmer mattress, while those who need extra cushioning may find a softer mattress more comfortable. Another option is a hybrid mattress version, which are foam mattresses containing a mix of latex and memory foam with coil support inside.

Having said that, when you shop online, you lose the ability to test a bed before you buy. And if you purchase a bed that you ultimately don’t love, you then have to worry about returning it (which is typically an easy process, but it’s still not fun). We’ve talked to consumers that had to go through three or four beds before they settle on the right one. With the advent of online mattress brands (a.k.a. bed-in-a-box brands) such as Casper, Nolah, and many others, however, the mattress industry has gone through a dramatic shake-up.



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