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How to Choose the Right Cremation Ash Pendants for You

How to Choose the Right Cremation Ash Pendants for You

Typically, cremation ash pendants are made of either sterling silver or gold. Choosing the right pendant includes picking the right material. The material you want to choose depends on your taste along with how often you wear the actual piece. There are several services available that allow you to permanently memorialize your pet by turning the pet ashes into jewelry.

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Read more about ashes to jewellery here. My grief journey to this point was taking a toll on my heart as well as my mind. Each time I cried, I felt like I was able to manage my day a little bit more than before.

Square Ash Pendants

Please note that as every piece we create is unique, and made by hand only for your needs, we cannot accept returns or refunds. We also recommend that all our customers keep back a small amount of ashes, in case the item is lost at a later date.

What Kind of Items Can You Wear Your Cremation Jewelry With?

The basic way would be to store the cremated ashes in containers. During the reign of the Roman Empire, cremation was linked to military honors until 1 AD.

Can I add hair into my memorial piece instead of ashes?

Cremation was also the main option after funerals for the Swedish during the Iron Age and Viking Age, but this stopped when Christianity reached their country in 1050 AD. Of course, you can take your diamond jewelry to a professional jeweler with specialized equipment to clean your items.



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