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How to Prepare for an Australian Shepherd Puppy Dog Ownership Wag!

How to Prepare for an Australian Shepherd Puppy Dog Ownership Wag!

So hire a professional trainer or put in the time and effort yourself to utilize and constructively divert the intelligence and abilities of a young Aussie. They are not only one of the smartest but also one of the healthiest dog breeds out there. While they’re not as active as the standard sized Australian Shepherds, miniature Aussies do require regular exercise. When cooped indoors without activity for too long, they tend to get snappy and anxious. The Australian Shepherd breeders in North America created the miniature Aussie, by breeding several small-sized Australian Shepherds.

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Unless it’s necessary, don’t allow your Aussie to ever engage in herding, as this will just confuse them. Due to their herding skills, as well as being intelligent and high energy, Aussies need to be kept busy and do well in herding and agility trials. When you’re ready to tackle advanced skills, the training should be broken into smaller and achievable sections. Once they’ve all been successfully taught, you pull them all together. Be sure to use treats that your dog really likes and only use those treats for training purposes. This gives them greater motivation and makes the training far more effective. Socialization is probably one of the most essential parts of training a dog.

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They are breed to be herding dogs so they are born with keen minds. To train an Australian Shepherd you should focus on rewarding good behavior and reinforcing training with repetition and consistency. With some time and effort, your Australian Shepherd will be a wonderfully trained companion for years to come. The minimum amount of exercise an Australian Shepherd needs is 1 to 2 hours daily. This can include walks, playtime, interactive games, and activities that challenge their agility and intelligence. Aussies are known for their love of frisbee, so playing fetch is a great way to provide them with exercise while also bonding with your pet. Puppy Culture is taking the dog world by storm and has been implemented and embraced by the worlds best breeders, trainers, and countless puppy families.

What Happens If You Over Exercise Your Australian Shepherd?

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What is Aussie University?

They do more harm than good in a dog’s body and eventually kill them. Yet another health concern that largely affects shepherd dogs, CEA, as it is popularly known can have long-term effects. The Collie Eye Anomaly directly affects the eyes, damaging the retina, sclera, and choroid. The root cause of Collie Eye Anomaly is in the genes, which leads to improper eye development. As a dog that could herd cattle and survive on low oxygen levels, it is no surprise that the Australian Shepherds are a super active dog breed. They’ll always be found fidgeting around or running around but never sitting still. They are, as such, definitely not an ideal breed to bring to tiny or cluttered homes.

This is quite dangerous, so it’s important to curb this behavior as best as you can. We continue to expertly guide puppies with just the right amount of socialization. In week 6 we strongly encourage future puppy owners to visit their puppies and participate in their growth! These hugely important socialization and training events are designed to expose puppies to just the right experiences at the right time.

Always remember to adjust the exercise program to the specific needs and capabilities of your Australian Shepherd. While some Australians might benefit from more vigorous exercise, others might be content with softer activities.

Send them to with some details about your best friend, and they could appear in our Pet of the Week lineup. When Bilby called the dogs upstairs, one of the canines named King really couldn’t seem to “figure out how the basement stairs work.” Have someone perform one of the actions you noticed triggering your pup’s instinct to nip during the first step, such as running by. It is best to have another adult help you in the beginning, for safety. The first step when your Australian Shepherd nips at you is to say “no” in a calm, but firm, voice. Normally found in treat or chew form, these supplements can improve your aging animal’s life. Also, saying “stay” when you’re cheerful versus “stay” when you’re feeling frustrated will also sound quite different to a dog.



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