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How to Read Tarot Cards

How to Read Tarot Cards

Drawing even one card from the deck, maybe as a thoughtful ritual to kick off your day, is a great idea! If you’re ready to sit down and do a complete reading, we suggest pulling three cards. This number seems to deliver a lot of thought-provoking information without being too overwhelming. Though tarot decks date back to the 1400s, pictorial cards were originally used for games rather than prediction. Tarot reader, astrologer and author Theresa Reed (who also goes by “The Tarot Lady” on social media and is based in Milwaukee) recommends the following tip to cleansing tarot cards. You can start reading tarot cards more consistently by drawing a card every morning when you wake up (or in the evenings before bed) that speaks to what you need to know about the day to come.

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The first tarot card decks were created in Italy in the 1430s. Regular playing cards had become popular in Europe in the preceding half-century, which led to wealthy families commissioning customized decks from artists. The oldest-surviving complete tarot deck we have today is the Sola Busca Deck, originating in Italy in the 1490s. At Asheville Wellness Tours, we offer group tarot readings as a wonderful way to connect more deeply with each other and with ourselves.

Start by looking at the card and pay attention to the energy of the card and any intuitive ‘hits’ you might receive right off the bat. Or, you can simply choose to draw a few cards to see what comes through. Showing up regularly helps you notice and respond to patterns, find a rhythm, and see what comes up even when you’re not feeling your best/most intuitive. In order to read tarot intuitively, you must have self-trust. If you feel like you’re not receiving guidance or feel frustrated, pause and pivot. Consider a different approach, something that feels light and maybe even fun.

Minor Arcana Cards

Present – The current situation and current state of mind of the querent. Read more about angel cards online here. The first six cards are laid out in a cross shape representing the current issue with the last four forming a vertical line reflecting additional influences beside it.

Tarot is a tool for self-reflection and spiritual growth, and it can be used in various ways to gain insight and guidance. Whether seeking answers to specific questions or simply looking to deepen your connection to your intuition, tarot can be a powerful tool for transformation. When it comes to tarot reading, intuition plays a crucial role in interpreting the cards and providing insights into the querent’s situation. Intuition is the ability to understand something instinctively without needing conscious reasoning. It is a skill that can be developed through practice and experience.

Jung believed that quantum mechanics could be a possible explanation for the phenomenon of synchronicity. Although, according to the principles of quantum mechanics, once you see the possible outcomes in the Tarot reading, you’ve changed the probabilities. While Jung did not study Tarot, he was interested in I Ching (another divination tool) and suggested that synchronicity could be an explanation for how I Ching might work for divination. Before a reading occurs, the person receiving the reading shuffles the cards. The person receiving the reading also should be concentrating on the question or area for which they want guidance while he or she shuffles the deck. In some more traditional circles, a more elaborate sorting and separation of the cards is performed. Sample journal entries include logs of past spreads, a record of personal card interpretations, and daily pulls.

How much can you make as a tarot card reader online?

Here’s what you need to know about finding the right tarot deck, pulling cards, and deciphering their useful messages. The cards that surround a card in a spread can also provide additional information. For example, a card surrounded by negative cards may indicate a difficult situation, while a card surrounded by positive cards may indicate a positive outcome. Think about how the cards relate to your question or intention and what advice or guidance they may be offering. Look at the symbolism and imagery on the cards and interpret them in relation to your question or intention. Don’t be afraid to use a guidebook to help you with the interpretation of the cards, but also trust your own intuition. Select a tarot deck that resonates with you and make sure that the cards are well shuffled.

The three cards represent the past, the present and the future. We’re going to go through some rules to abide by when asking tarot card questions for a reading.

Explain the process of the reading and ask them if they have any specific questions or concerns they would like to address. Sit quietly and hold the deck in your hands, take a deep breath and exhale over the deck, repeating this process several times, while focusing on the intention of cleaning the energy. Sometimes a spread may call to you or feel more fitting for the current moment or situation, listen to your intuition and go with it. You can ask the tarot for insight or guidance on a specific issue, or you can simply ask for a general reading. These readings are designed to provide a broad overview of your life and can be helpful for gaining a sense of perspective and understanding.

The first thing you have to do is get a good deck of cards. The Rider-Waite-Smith is the most popular deck of cards, but there’s no limit to how many sets of cards you can have. Read more about Free Tarot Readings here. But if you are a beginner who is just starting out, it’s best to have the traditional deck with 78 cards, with full illustrations, just so that you get the hang of it.



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