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Just say no: 13 ways to get out of everything from extra work to Christmas parties Health & wellbeing

Just say no: 13 ways to get out of everything from extra work to Christmas parties Health & wellbeing

Common factors theory addresses this and other core aspects thought to be responsible for effective psychotherapy. Sigmund Freud (1856–1939), a Viennese neurologist who studied with Jean-Martin Charcot in 1885, is often considered the father of modern psychotherapy. His methods included analyzing his patient’s dreams in search of important hidden insights into their unconscious minds. Some of his concepts were too broad to be amenable to empirical testing and invalidation, and he was critiqued for this by Jaspers. Numerous major figures elaborated and refined Freud’s therapeutic techniques including Melanie Klein, Donald Winnicott, and others.

Laurie Wilson is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Substance Abuse Counselor with over 25 years of experience specializing in individual, couples and family therapy. Just Mind is a center of excellence focused on providing comprehensive psychological care to adults, couples, teenagers and children. Kim is a seasoned licensed professional therapist who works with women who are emotionally gifted or highly sensitive, women who are raising differently-wired kiddos, and women who are exhausted in helper roles or ministry roles. Aside from knowing that the school you’re attending is regularly evaluated by the government, you can rest assured that graduates of accredited learning institutions have better job opportunities. A psychotherapist seeks to holistically improve an individual’s psyche by addressing their emotional, behavioural, relational, existential, and even spiritual issues.

The most important considerations in choosing a mental health professional to work with is the person’s educational background, proper licenses and clinical experience to provide you with safe and effective care. Consisting of 16 self-paced courses, the program is expected to take up to a year to complete. It offers courses in psychotherapeutic techniques, professional and ethical challenges, clinical assessment, and treatment planning. In addition, the program gives students the opportunity to engage in self-reflection and study surrounding their personal therapeutic approach informed by research and experience. An APA task force found that the type of therapy mattered less than this therapeutic relationship.

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A 2006 study of treatment for depression and anxiety, for example, found that the cognitive and behavioral approaches used in psychotherapy have an enduring effect that reduces the risk of symptoms returning even after treatment ends. Another study found a similar result when evaluating the long-term effects of psychodynamic psychotherapy. Your psychologist’s theoretical perspective will affect what goes on in his or her office. Psychologists who use cognitive-behavioral therapy, for example, have a practical approach to treatment. Your psychologist might ask you to tackle certain tasks designed to help you develop more effective coping skills. Psychotherapists can specialize in specific types of patients and practice different forms of therapy.

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For those who are able to see a therapist in person, a location close to home, work, or school will likely make attending therapy more feasible. For those who are unable to travel temporarily or permanently, or who are in underserved areas, online and teletherapy options are available and can be highly effective. If a mental health condition is causing severe symptoms that interfere with your daily life, you might consider choosing a clinical psychologist due to their higher-level training. While psychologists tend to have more advanced education and training, this does not mean they‘re superior to therapists or counselors. Psychologists, therapists, and counselors must all have state licenses and certifications for the type of treatments they offer.


But there is uncertainty about these terms, even among people who practice in these fields. Some psychologists with doctorate-level education will take on the title of therapist or psychotherapist. Some therapists, who typically have master’s-level training in psychotherapy, may refer to themselves as counselors. Expressive psychotherapy is a form of therapy that utilizes artistic expression (via improvisational, compositional, re-creative, and receptive experiences) as its core means of treating clients. Expressive psychotherapists use the different disciplines of the creative arts as therapeutic interventions.

Sometimes, a few clicks of a button is all it takes to transfer you to someone new. You may be asked to give some feedback on why you and the other therapist weren’t a good match. And you might also be able to provide additional input about what type of therapist you want to work with in the future. Whether you realize your therapist isn’t a good match for you during the first appointment, or you begin feeling like you aren’t being supported well into your therapy process, you can always change therapists. Ideally, your therapist should have experience treating OCD specifically. You may be able to learn a bit more about the therapists you have to choose from. Keep in mind most therapists don’t make much of their personal lives public.

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Taking a certification program, diploma course, bachelor’s or master’s degree will give you an in-depth understanding of the principles of the study. It will also take you through various communication strategies that will facilitate the healing of your clients.

If you intend to practice therapy elsewhere, be sure to research the licensing requirements in your area. For example, a CBT therapist might help someone who consistently lashes out at work to figure out which thought patterns are causing them to do so. A CBT therapist would then work with their client to change these thought patterns, so the client stops lashing out at work.



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