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Step-by-Step: How to Remodel a Kitchen in the Right Order

Step-by-Step: How to Remodel a Kitchen in the Right Order

When not buried in swatches and throw pillows, you can find her elbow-deep in renovations at her own fixer-upper. Finally, make sure the kitchen will be evenly and entirely lit. Pendant lights are excellent over islands and sinks but you’ll need to light the rest of the kitchen as well. For a cleaner look, recessed lighting will likely be your best option—I fought it tooth and nail in our kitchen, but thankfully gave in in the end. I have very strong opinions about can lights…but I’ll save that for another day. Planning the design of your kitchen will probably be the most time-consuming, (and most important) part of your remodel. Read more about Quartz countertop here. It’s important to know what resources are available to you as well as what considerations need to be taken into account.

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This will give you a better estimate of how much your kitchen reno should cost and ensures you have a backup plan if you get too busy or frustrated to finish the project. As you should with any other home renovation, compare quotes from multiple companies to see who will give you the best deals, warranties, and quality of work overall. Some contractors offer architectural or design services as well. These services add a level of convenience for customers who are in need of more than a simple remove-and-replace. If you have big kitchen renovation ideas that you’d like your contractor to help bring to life, such a service would be a great idea. Architects specialize in planning structural changes while designers improve functionality and aesthetics. The first phase of my kitchen design process involves developing a conceptual plan based on accurate measurements.

When I refer to a kitchen remodel, I am describing a project in which the entire existing space is demoed and everything is being replaced, including cabinets, flooring, countertops, appliances, etc. The space plan will change – walls might come down, plumbing could move, the lighting will be reconfigured. On the other hand, a general contractor (GC) supervises the construction work and implementation of the kitchen designer’s concepts.

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Prepare for Your Kitchen Remodel

This gives you made-to-order doors that fit your IKEA cabinet boxes perfectly. It’s a customization on a material you see and touch every day. A peninsula is a U-shaped design, but includes a counter extension that partially protrudes into the kitchen at either end of the U shape. You can work with a professional engineer or architect who can create the design and submit it to the Department of Buildings. As mentioned earlier, Sweeten GCs in NYC can often make referrals if an architect and/or engineer’s services are needed for the project.


Let your project manager know so these items can be saved during the demolition. Schedule a pickup with Goodwill Restore for large items you want to donate. We’ve assembled this ultimate step-by-step guide to help you prepare for your kitchen remodel. Soon your new kitchen will be an exciting new space with a beautiful design. While it might seem overwhelming to move out of your old kitchen, Kowalske Kitchen & Bath will guide you through this process.

In fact, it can be a deciding factor in whether you enjoy the process or whether it turns into a total nightmare. Choosing the perfect building partner is about more than qualifications. When it comes to finding the right contractor who can remodel your kitchen, qualifications are important.

Depending on the scope of your kitchen remodel, this phase can even include removing or opening up walls down to the framing studs. First things first – talk to a professional kitchen designer. The kitchen is the most expensive area to remodel inside a home.

Additionally, incorporating two countertop heights can make baking easier and help kids involved in meal preparations. But you know people also want nice even lighting in their kitchen and a lot of homeowners choose to go with a fluorescent light mounted right in the middle of the kitchen. One is to install a low profile fluorescent under the wall mounted cabinets to provide a nice glow of light right on the counters where you may be doing some of these tasks.

Once you have a better idea of your dream design, you can whittle it down for a more achievable DIY kitchen remodel project. You should sit down and list out your must-haves as well as anything that might just be an added bonus. Are you one of those people who just can’t seem to stop scrolling Pinterest and picking up different do-it-yourself projects or tackling home improvements in your free time? If that sounds like you, then a DIY kitchen remodel might be something you’ve considered before but haven’t committed to just yet, perhaps because of the intensity of the project. For most kitchen remodels, such as the “average” project mentioned above, an architect’s services would be more of a luxury than a necessity. However, if the space will be completely reconfigured, or if there is major disturbance to the structure of the home, the skills of an architect may be required.

The first step is to box up your kitchen items and donate things you no longer need. Then designate an area of your home as a temporary kitchen. Treat each moment of your kitchen remodel as an exciting adventure. Whether you decide to stay home during the remodel or take the opportunity to vacation with your family, these few weeks of inconvenience are well worth a gorgeous kitchen. Once you make new memories with family and friends in your new kitchen, the remodel inconveniences will disappear.



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