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9 Best Employee Scheduling Software for Small Businesses 2024

9 Best Employee Scheduling Software for Small Businesses 2024

Get a detailed report on the number of days used by each employee for the selected period and specific dates. Share scheduling changes instantly, post open shifts, and add shift notes or instructions. Adapt your workforce capacity to meet demand even though labor resources may be limited. Be the employer of choice with transparent, fair, and flexible schedules workers can embrace. I have been using When I Work for years now across many different brands and industries. I absolutely love how easy it is to use, how economical and efficient it makes scheduling.

You might need all hands on deck at some times while you can get by with a skeleton crew at others. They should be able to look at the schedule and figure out the day, the hours, and the job they’ll work in a matter of seconds.

Employee Scheduling Software how

The user interface is one of my favorites of the tools I tested; it was easy to navigate, and it was simple and quick to build a schedule. Depending on the vendor, scheduling software is priced per-employee; others charge a monthly fee for a set number of staff accounts. Spend time breaking down pricing on various plans to fairly compare costs for both current and projected staffing needs. Starter plan per-user pricing is $2.50 per month, paid monthly and $2 per month, paid annually.

Teamwork – managing work schedule and projects in a team

Any employee scheduling software worth its salt should be flexible and scalable. As your business grows, your scheduling needs will change — and your software should be able to adapt easily. A mobile app should provide offline access to schedules and other data so you have information at your fingertips even without an internet connection or cellular service.

Tips for Improving Staff Punctuality

Like HotSchedules, Shiftboard also offers features for tracking employee skills and performance rating and certification for specialized positions like cooking and bartending. Even when managing dozens of employees, the app helps you to easily monitor the individual skills set and enables you to match tasks with the right staff.

Time clock features aren’t built into Calendly but can be added with third-party apps such as Time Tracker, Timely and others. These turn Calendly’s scheduler into a time-tracking tool complete with clock-in-and-out functions, streamlined timesheets and productivity reporting. Snap Schedule 365 is best suited for businesses with large workforces and complex scheduling needs, such as hospitals, industrial operations and retailers running multiple shifts or 24-hour coverage. It’s also ideal for businesses that have shift premiums and need to track and report data for compliance and collective agreements.

ABC Roster aims to be efficient and user-friendly while providing you, the manager, with a convenient and intuitive way of creating schedules quickly. Trello does have a calendar tool, but, like Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar, it wasn’t designed to coordinate more than one or two people. You can make it work with three or more employees, but it’s going to be difficult, tedious, and confusing to read. You can create another just for kitchen staff, one for bartenders, one for hosts and hostesses, and one for managers.

This will allow your team to be more cost-efficient, agile, and increasingly competitive. View who is under or over-utilized and how that could impact your hiring costs. Give employees an increase in shift visibility so they know what shifts need more or less manpower. More so, use the 360-degree HR visibility feature to identify areas that need improvement including payroll, finance, and employee compliance. Read more about Employee Scheduling App here. Employee scheduling software provides several time-tracking features for your team of employees. Using time management features, you can create a summarized schedule with set deadlines, projects, and tasks.



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