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Study explores how changing autism traits are linked to mental health conditions

Study explores how changing autism traits are linked to mental health conditions

If your pediatrician suspects ASD, your child will need to be evaluated by a provider who specializes in autism. This can include clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, developmental pediatricians, or pediatric neurologists. If you seek an evaluation/educational evaluation for an individual of school age, including ages three through five, contact your local school district for information.

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Imaging studies have revealed that autistic children have too many nerve fibers, but that they’re not working well enough to facilitate communication between the various parts of the brain. Scientists think that all of this extra circuitry may affect brain size. Although autistic children are born with normal or smaller-than-normal brains, they undergo a period of rapid growth between ages 6 and 14 months, so that by about age four, their brains tends to be unusually large for their age. Genetic defects in brain growth factors may lead to this abnormal brain development. The UC Davis MIND Institute in Sacramento, Calif. is a unique, interdisciplinary research, clinical, and education center committed to deepening scientific understanding of autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions. The institute has major research efforts in autism, fragile X syndrome, chromosome 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Down syndrome.

Others may love to talk, but they have difficulty holding a conversation or understanding social cues like body language and facial expressions. In most cases, the first item required to start ABA therapy is the individual’s autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnosis report. This is typically conducted by a doctor such as a psychiatrist, psychologist, or a developmental pediatrician. Most ABA therapy agencies and insurance companies will ask for a copy of this diagnosis report during the intake process as it is required to request an ABA assessment authorization from the individual’s medical insurance provider.

How Speech and Language Therapy Can Boost Communication for Individuals on the Spectrum

As a parent, getting involved in these therapy sessions, and understanding how you can translate and practice these social stories at home, will also be helpful. Teaching the skill of waiting can be very beneficial to everyone involved. Additionally, waiting is a skill that everyone has to learn and put to use in everyday life. Similarly, to their peers, children with autism can struggle at first with the skill of waiting. Therefore, teaching a child with autism to wait through practice, visuals, and social stories can improve their waiting endurance. For instance, waiting in the grocery store can be addressed with a social story.

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How Autism May Affect Family Life

“There’s a stereotype of individuals on the spectrum that excel in math and science. But we have the rest of the spectrum to consider,” Ham said. “Multiple girls, especially girls of color, have been missed throughout the years because we were never included in what would be considered the criteria for autism,” she said.

Although autism can affect children of any race and ethnicity, it is four times more common in boys than in girls. There are some researchers who have challenged this general shift in the meaning of autism although they have been rare, and are becoming increasingly so. However, even Hobson’s complex description of psychological development in autistic children rarely employs the language of hallucination and fantasy in relation to schizophrenia.

When does communication start?

If someone with mid-functioning autism can withstand going to a concert, they can handle anything. In each case, the goal of masking is to avoid being judged by others as “different” and to fit in.

Despite its claim to be inclusive of all “neurotypes”, its ethos inevitably means that less verbally able autistic people are marginalised from the discussion. There is no known cure for autism, nor is there a one-size-fits-all treatment.

Her patient did not understand that the other children were laughing at him instead of being his friends. “With bullying, there is a power imbalance, which can be physical or social power, and the person who is more vulnerable is the victim of repeated insults,” Dr. Iyengar adds. Most likely, you aren’t going to discover that your child suddenly possesses an amazing new skill or talent. Anyone who has a special talent will tell you that he or she didn’t arrive there by chance or without effort. Behavioral difficulties and anxieties may well arise around trying new things, and we encourage you to provide “gentle nudging” with lots of support and cheering for willingness to try. For an adult who has lived for years with the condition, a diagnosis of ASD could finally answer any questions they’ve had for most of their lives. They’ll understand why they find doing certain things harder than most people or find it challenging to communicate with people or be comfortable in social settings.

If relevant, be sure to ask the person/agency doing the testing whether they accept Medicaid, or if there are other payment options they will or will not accept. The new explanatory model is theoretical but simultaneously practical in application, since its various components are measurable through, for example, questionnaires, genetic mapping, and psychological tests.



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